Common Errors

Author: Christian Sommer (doc)

PHP Safe Mode=off

The PHP safe mode is an attempt to solve the shared-server security problem. In general, the Safe Mode settings does:

  • disable functions treated as critical (functions executing system programs like system)
  • restricts file operations by performing UID checks

Especially the second limitation can cause problems on shared hosting servers as PHP Save Mode restricts file operations from scripts to files which belong to the user/group of the script.

Currently, this option is disabled by the majority of shared hosting providers. However, if Safe Mode is switched on, you will most likely run into problems with WebsiteBaker. 

One should not consider WebsiteBaker as first choice, when Safe-Mode is enabled on your web server. Even if the installation succeeds, one will run into problems dealing with file permissions or other limiations. There are several hacks posted in the WebsiteBaker forum, unfortunatelly none of them will work for sure.

There are already too much threads dealing with problems related to safe-mode. Please think about wheather your information is helpfull to the Community or not, before posting another thread related to safe-mode.

PHP session disabled

Session support allows to register variables which can be used to store information from one web page to another. WebsiteBaker uses session variables to store e.g. the user name of registered users. This allows to view pages without the need to log in for each page again.

Some WebsiteBaker core functions require Session support enabled. Do not consider WebsiteBaker as your first choice, if session support is disabled on your server.

IIS & Windows 2000 Webserver

WebsiteBaker was developed on a Linux operating system. Full support of WebsiteBaker is only warrented on Apache web servers. A lot of threads in the WB forum are dealing with problems related to Microsoft Windows Servers (IIS, Windows 2000 Server, MS Windows Server 2003...). With the default settings of the MS Windows Servers, it is hardly possible to get WebsiteBaker installed and working as intented.

It is planned to make use the Apache module mod_rewrite with WebsiteBaker v2.7 (latest with v3.x), which is not supported so far by MS Windows Servers.