Knowledge Base

In the Knowledge Base you will find some tutorials and information about technical issues.

Custom Error Pages

This guide shows you how to set-up customised error pages for your WebsiteBaker installation.

Moving from Server A to B

How to move WebsiteBaker from one server location to another one

Problems Sending Mails

This section provides information and possible traps when sending mails with WebsiteBaker.

Trouble with Characters

A lot of questions in the WebsiteBaker forum are related to the wrong display of certain characters in the content area or the menu.

Common Errors

This section deals with the most common failures related to WebsiteBaker.


Files and Permissions

A lot of threads in the WB forum are related to troubles caused by file permissions on a Unix/Linux operating system. This section provides some basic information about file permissions and shows ways how to prevent issues with file permissions.