Captcha and Advanced-Spam-Protection (ASP) Control

The admin-tool "Captcha and ASP control" you can centrally control the behavior of this technique. Almost all modules that allow frontend registration (such as the guestbook module or news comments) allow to enable a captcha - this will prevent spambots reliable.

There are two possibilities:

1.) CAPTCHA Configuration:
Here you can choose from several CAPTCHA types, or turn them off completely. Which type you should use is depending how much you want to restrict your user. The possibilities are:
Calculation as text, Calculation as image, Calculation as image with varying fonts and backgrounds, Image with varying fonts and backgrounds, Old style (like in WebsiteBaker 2.6x, not recommended), Text-CAPTCHA.
All captcha-types are created automatically (except Text-CAPTCHA which must be defined by the textfield) automatically.

2.) Advanced Spam Protection Configuration:
ASP can only be turned on and off. Moreover, this anti-spam is not visible for human users. It tries to  recognize automatically if the form a human or an automatic bot is filling out (e.g. with invisible forms). Normally no user recognizes that - so you should also enable this setting.

Admin-Tools Captcha

This setting shows the visitor of a form, a guestbook or other modules a simple calculation which he must solve before the entry is forwarded.



With the admin-tool "Droplets" anywhere in WebsiteBaker code that's defined here could be inserted with - it doesn't matter whether on a WYSIWYG page, whether to include in a template or a module.
As shown below, there are already some predefined Droplets: E.g. with [ [NextPage] ] you can easily set an additional link to the next menu page og the same level.
With "Backup Droplets (Zip)" you can easily backup all the droplets in a zip, with "Add Droplet" you can create a new droplet.

To explain how Droplets are working would lead much too far in a basic documentation - that can be read here, additionally you can look at some code here of already finished droplets and try this.
However, you should have some experience with the programming language PHP and the WebsiteBaker - Droplets are easy, but without any programming skills unfortunately you can't handle them correctly! But if you use predefined droplets you don't need of course any programming skills.

  Admin-Tools Droplets


Frontend Output Filter

With this admin-tool you can specify that all email addresses (e.g. on WYSIWYG pages) are encrypted so that a human can read them, but a spambot can't.

Admin-Tools Frontend Output Filter

The Frontend Output Filter Admin-Tool

Javascript Admin

The admin-tool Javascript Admin allows you to move pages and sections of pages just with the mouse within their level. You can reorder and rearrange the pages and avoids the annoying "one-dropping" that only allows to drag one page in one step. In addition, it remembers the site view, the subsites that were open (the page tree) and displays them exactly the same when logging out.

Admin-Tools Javascript Admin

The Javascript Admin Admin-Tool

Optional: Addon File Editor (AFE)

The Addon File Editor (AFE) enables you to view, edit, delete, create, upload or backup files of installed Add-ons such as modules, templates and languages from the WebsiteBaker backend without downloading the files first.
However, you have to download it separately from the Add-on repository - it is not contained in the WebsiteBaker Download.

Thus, for example, you can comfortably edit and save directly the CSS file of a template right here using the quite comfortable and easy editor "Editarea" - and change in seconds for example a header image or the background color.

Of course you can change anything contained in modules, templates and language files. Even images can be edited directly without uploading on the computer - using the online-service

Are there problems with modifying files the Addon File Editor has an integrated FTP module that automatically jumps in should problems occur.

Admin-Tools Addon File Editor