Some of the basic settings in WebsiteBaker - if required - should be changed immediately after installation. Changes made at a later date will have no effect on pages already created, these pages might be beyond repair.

The following changes should be done before creating pages:

  • Character set of the database: Unicode (utf-8)
  • Name of the folder for pages: /pages/
  • Name of the folder for media: /media/
  • Filename extension: .php (should be kept)

For example, in a German website, you might want to change the names of the folders /pages to /seiten and /media to /medien because it has an impact on the URL that is displayed in the browser and in search engines: --> -->

Changing the filename extension should only be done if your server provider requires it or you are absolutely sure that your server provider permits it. Otherwise the standard setting .php should anyway be kept. There are some older modules for WebsiteBaker which use the filename extension .php and possibly might not work correctly.

If you want to change the filename extension .php (e.g. to .html) you have to keep in mind that:
  • any modification at a later date requires changing the page titles of the particular pages.
  • there is a file named "htaccess.txt" in the folder wb/. If you use an Apache server (which most of the server providers do) you can change the filename to ".htaccess". It should not be difficult to find out on the internet how to modify this .htaccess file and generate different filename extensions with it. This is the only way to implement the change of the filename extension on the server!
  • Additionally the setting of the filename extension in the WebsiteBaker backend has to be customized.


Settings can be changed in the WebsiteBaker backend: Settings -> Show Advanced Options.