This guide explains the relationships in dealing with themes and also all necessary steps to create a custom backend theme.

Effective Website Baker v.2.8.3

How do the themes?

In all previous Website Baker versions of each theme had all template files (*. Htt) included. Was made by Core-side a larger change or even added a new template, which had to be forcibly nachgepflegt in all, existing themes. The v.2.8.3 introduced with Website Baker, new Overwrite technology can make this whole adjustment work may largely superfluous. A theme must contain only those template files, which differ from the respective corresponding file in the default template pool. For the issue is, in the absence of template files, automatically fall back to the files of the default template pools.

As may access many different themes to the default template pool of cores should / should not be changed this. He is completely overwritten with every update with updated files.

The following section is valid only on WebsiteBaker 2.8.3 SP1

Edit / Copy Themes

Since the manual handling of themes is relatively complex, parts of the Theme-management features have been backported from the next major version of WB in order to simplify the handling of themes. As a result, now, unlike in the past, a new or a modified backend Theme created purely with the onboard tools of Website Baker and the installed add-on module A ddon F ile E ditor. The easiest way to create a custom theme is to adapt an existing, functioning and similar theme to their own desires.

Select output Theme

Nothing could be easier. Simply select the desired theme in the backend as the current Theme and activate. This is also equal to ensure that you build on a safe functioning Theme.

Specify the name for the new theme

In the next step in the backend the page 'extensions' open and there then the 'Advanced' s activate functions. On the lower half of the screen, the advanced features are now visible. 'Copy Backend Theme' in the section on safety again the name of the currently active theme, which is supposed to serve as a template displayed. Now needs only the display name of the future Themes entered in the 'Name the new Themes' and on the 'Copy' button clicked to be.

There are all belonging to the active Theme directories and files copied 1: 1. The 'info.php' the theme is automatically adjusted and recorded the theme in Website Baker. Once these actions have been successfully completed, the newly created theme will be activated automatically. If during the process an error occurs, so all actions already taken place will automatically be canceled and the system has returned to its original state.

In addition to the general error messages extended error messages are activated by the constant DEBUG is set to true in the '/config.php'.

The Edit New Theme

After this a few mouse clicks, it is already now possible to change the current theme by the AFE. If you call to change the masks then simultaneously in a separate window / tab on, you have my [F5] even an immediate, direct control over the changes made. The upload / exchange of graphics, javascripts etc. can also be done by the AFE. The procedure is practically right in the active Theme, which admittedly requires a degree of caution and foresight. If all else fails and even destroy completely someone his current theme, a simple call to the upgrade-script.php to the system to the default theme is enough to reset and restore it to an operational status.

In most cases, the adaptation of the header and footer templates and the CSS is enough to give the theme a new look. You want to change additional templates that are not explicitly present, however, in the current theme, so they can be easily selected and imported from the default template pool of Core in the current theme 'Import Template Files' section.

Of course, also themes as previously downloaded via FTP, edited and uploaded again. However, here strongly discouraged from using the FTP, if the web server (Apache) runs as apache_modul. The different ownership many management features of Website Baker can be disturbed.

Export the Current Theme

[... This section will follow soon ...]