Although one of the main characteristics of WebsiteBaker is the ease of operation, the terms used in the backend can be confusing. So here is a glossary of the most relevant terms.


The frontend is the part of your website that is open to the public and provides the content of your web pages to the internet users. The frontend appears when the URL that you specified during installation process, e.g. https://domain.tld


The backend is the administration tool for your website and can only be accessed by selected users such as editors and administrators by entering a username and password. In the backend you can configure your website and options, add new and edit existing content. The backend is accessed by adding  /admin to your URL, e. g.  https://domain.tld/admin


The basic features of WebsiteBaker can be expanded with add-ons such as modules, templates and language files. You can find a variety of them in the Add-ons repository .


With modules you can add new functions to your website such as guestbooks and image galleries. The following types of modules are available: page modules, admin modules and code snippets.


A template configures the design of the frontend of your website. WebsiteBaker includes one template, many more can be found on the Template repository .


With language files the language used in the backend can be changed.

More information on creating and editing templates and modules can be found in the Designer Guide and Developer Guide .