Use this section to install, uninstall and get basic information on site templates.

Install Template

To install a new template into WB:

  1. download the zipped template archive from the WB Add-Ons Repository Templates arrive in your computer as a single, compressed, ZIP archive. The template installer expects a zip file, and will not work if the archive has been expanded.
    Note: Do not decompress/unzip the downloaded template archive before installing it!
  2. in Add-ons > Templates > Install Template, click on the “Browse” button, and select the downloaded zipped archive in your hard drive
  3. once the path to the zipped archive appears in the “Install Template” field, click on the “Install” button

Depending on how large the template is, and on the speed of your internet connection, installation might take from several seconds to a several minutes.

If your browser automatically unzips the files you download, you still can install templates manually.
Using your favourite ftp client, upload the full, complete, unzipped directory into the “templates” sub-directory of your WB installation. Then, log-in into your Add-ons > Advanced, and then use the “Reload Add-ons” tool to reload all templates. This will force WebsiteBaker to manually 'activate' the newly uploaded template.

Uninstall Template

Uninstalling a template permanently deletes the template from your site. 

Un-installation cannot be undone! All template-related information will be permanently lost!

Please note, that you are not able to uninstall a template that is currently being used by any page in your site.
To uninstall a template:

  1. if the template to be uninstalled is being used as the 'default' template in your site, go to Settings > Default Settings > Template, and select a new default template.
  2. in Pages, enter the “Settings” for any page that is using the template, and assign it another template, or “System Default”.
  3. in Add-ons > Templates > Uninstall Template, select the template from the “Uninstall Template” drop-down menu 
  4. click the “Uninstall” button

Template Details

To view version, author, description and other useful information about your installed templates: 

  1. select the template from the “Template Details” menu
  2. click the “View Details” button

sample information obtained in “Template Details”